Andy Cohen from “Watch What Happens Live” discussed becoming a dad some day, and we think he’d be a great one

If you’re a fan of Watch What Happens Live (or WWHL, as it’s commonly abbreviated) you’ll find this news to be extra sweet. During an interview, host Andy Cohen discussed becoming a father someday, and mentioned how the title of “dad” was definitely something he hoped to earn in life.

The host chatted with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weis during an episode of the Allegedly podcast, and the topic of fatherhood was brought up twice. It’s sweet, because Cohen doesn’t have much loftier goals than that — in general, he seems pretty thrilled with how his life has turned out.

Watch What Happens Live, which started up back in 2009, is already in its 13th season, so professionally, he’s definitely pretty set.

" I’m not an actor. I’d like to maybe host a game show, but yeah, I don’t know what that would be, Cohen said.

(Come to think of it, Cohen would be incredible with a game show format. We mean, he pretty much plays games already on WWHL, and he makes the segments so much fun.)

With fatherhood, he’s a bit more keyed into how he’d want everything to go.

"I would just want someone healthy," Cohen smartly said when asked if he'd prefer a girl or a boy.

Seriously, that’s the right answer, and we’re glad Cohen said it.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

Cohen also brought the subject up in a recent interview with Today, saying the following:

"I think it's opening myself up to love and a relationship and maybe a kid, I think I'm closer to that spot than I ever was."

As far as dating goes, Cohen reported that he was in a happy relationship back in October of this year. While he’s keeping his new guy out of the spotlight, if they’re indeed still an item, it’s good to know that Cohen is in a great place, and is thinking about a future family.

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