Andy Cohen drank Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk, and, what a world

Stranger things have happened, right? During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen drank Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk. It might seem a bit odd, but guys, we drink other mammals’ milk all the time! What’s the difference? Right? RIGHT?

Tamblyn recently told People.comthat she celebrated her first Mother’s Day by guzzling down her first big glass of bourbon in almost a year. And because the baby couldn’t drink that round of breast milk, she assured People that the milk went to a good home.

"And then my next two pumping sessions ended up in my husband’s [David Cross'] mouth, let’s be honest," Tamblyn said. "He said it was creamy. He liked it — of course he did!"

That’s what peaked Cohen’s attention, and Tamblyn was more than accommodating, having just pumped before the show.

Andy Cohen has had his fair share of unique beverages throughout his time on Watch What Happens, but this one might be the most interesting to date. Tamblyn pulled the little container of breast milk out of her bag and joked that she could make Cohen a White Russian.

One thing is for sure, Cohen is all about trying new things and taking risks.

"It’s very sweet. It’s sweet," Cohen commented. "And it’s good with a tequila chaser! Wow. Can I have more?"

Tamblyn said that she herself has sipped on Blake Lively’s breast milk, so we guess this is like a thing now? This was a strange moment on television, but like we said, stranger things have happened!

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