Inconveniently Interviewing Andy Bean while walking to the Olive Garden in Times Square

For this Inconvenient Interview I’m walking to The Olive Garden with actor Andy Bean from ‘Power’ on Starz! We’re gong to meet his real life girlfriend, Lizzy Cuesta, for a day date filled with unlimited breadsticks! Fans of ‘Power‘ will recognize Andy Bean as Greg, the other man in the Ghost St. Patrick and Angela love triangle…well, it’s more like a square…anyway he’s the super hot FBI agent working to take down a New York drug syndicate with his FBI boo. Watch as we walk through Times Square and talk about how he got his first big TV role on ‘Power‘, Andy gets some career advice from a ex-Wheaties box, and I ask him to freestyle as a tribute to his boss Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent” all while walking with purpose to get to those carbs! We also ran into Elmo, but we don’t want to talk about that.

It’s breadsticks or bust for this week’s Inconvenient Interview:

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