We all think Andrew Lincoln’s character in “Love Actually” is creepy —even Andrew Lincoln

Even the most die-hard lovers of Love Actually can admit that Mark, played Andrew Lincoln, is pretty creepy. The way he acts around his best friend’s wife, Juliet, is pretty much stalking. In fact, Andrew Lincoln himself doesn’t deny it one bit.

“He is a stalker,” he told TheWrap recently. “That was my question to Richard Curtis (the brains behind Love Actually), ‘Do you not think we’re sort of borderline stalker territory here?’ And he said, ‘No, no. Not with you playing it, darling. You’ll be alright.’” Um, did Curtis just excuse his fictional character’s gross behavior because of its looks? Ack.

Although we do love Andrew and that charming face of his, looks like Richard was wrong on that front, because Mark was still pretty darn creepy. In fact, there’s been a lot of controversy as of late about Mark’s note-card scene, where he professes his love while his best friend sits in the other room.

But although Mark is certainly a bit skeevy in that regard, does Andrew wish his character could have swept Juliet off her feet?

Lincoln says no — he likes Mark’s plot just the way it is. “I quite like the fact that I’m in one of the most romantic movies playing the only guy who doesn’t get the girl,” he said. “It’s like I did this film called ‘Moonshot.’ Everybody else got to the moon and I was the only guy who didn’t go. So I think it’s a running thing in my characters. I’m the guy who doesn’t get the girl or go to the moon.”

In this case, we’re pretty happy he didn’t get the girl, TBH. But it’s OK, Andrew — we’re sure you’ll go to the moon next time.

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