Here’s a glimpse of a much older Andrew Lincoln holding up *those* cue cards in the “Love Actually” sequel

Up until now, we’ve kind of been on the edges of our seats waiting for set photos of Andrew Lincoln filming his scenes in Red Nose Day Actually, the Love Actually sequel. And the gods have delivered — in fact, not only do we have photos, but we have photos of Andrew Lincoln holding those infamous cue cards in the Love Actually sequel.

A refresher, in case it’s been a while since you saw the original Love Actually. When we last see Lincoln’s character Mark, he has just professed his love for Keira Knightley’s Juliet, who kisses him for a job well done, while Juliet’s poor husband/Mark’s supposed BFF Peter (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) sits watching a random Christmas movie. And then the three hang out in an airport a month later like nothing has changed.

The long version is more touching and slightly less shady than that, but from the photos posted by Red Nose Day Actually director Emma Freud, it seems the 13-years-older Mark might not be quite over Juliet yet.

“He still loves her.” We believe it. Look at the hope in that man’s eyes. Plus, who doesn’t love Keira Knightley?

First off, Mark, you gotta get a new angle if all you have a decade and a half later are the same cue cards (actually, they’re at least slightly edited, because in the original movie that first card says “Say it’s carol singers” and opposed to “Tell him it’s carol singers,” which some people know off the top of their heads because they’ve seen the original so many times but anyway).

Secondly, we aren’t losing out hope for Juliet and Peter to keep their relationship going — and maybe even for Mark’s message this time around to be one of friendship. Our evidence? Freud’s follow-up tweet showing Knightley and Ejiofor hanging out on a couch again, with a very relief-inducing text accompaniment.

"Last night, our last night on #rednosedayactually. Marital bliss, the best pajama bottoms I've ever seen, and major #jerseyenvy #shallow," the tweet reads.

MARITAL BLISS, you guys!

And even if Mark is still trying to win Juliet over, at least Lincoln and Ejiofor are still pals. Look at this cuteness.

And just for funsies, here’s baby Andrew Lincoln from Love Actually compared to 2017 Andrew Lincoln still doing the most with those damn cards.


So what the heck is Mark’s role in Peter and Juliet’s relationship these days? Is Mark going to make fun of himself for his past transgressions (kind of what we’re hoping for)? Are Mark and Juliet married now and Peter is over it and Emma is just totally throwing us off? (NOOOO!)

Only time will tell, so we’ll sit patiently and wait for Red Nose Day Actually to make its long-awaited premiere on March 24 in the U.K. and May 25 on NBC in the U.S.