Andrew Garfield is being super awesome about passing off the Spidey suit to Tom Holland

Andrew Garfield is more than happy to pass the Spidey suit onto the next Peter Parker, and he’s being super sweet about it, too. Garfield played Spider-Man in the latest two outings — in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — but for the next Spidey movie, he’s been replaced by newcomer Tom Holland. Don’t worry about Garfield, though, he’s perfectly happy with this news. He’s happy to sit back, relax, and be a fan again.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Garfield had nothing but praise for the newest web-slinger. Garfield called Holland a “really, really great actor… just this incredibly powerful, sensitive, just wonderful young actor.” Those are exactly the things we need from our next Spidey, and if Garfield believes Holland is right guy for the job, we can get behind that.

Next time we see Spider-Man will be in Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, where he’ll quickly team up (meet-up? Hang out with? Fight? Get shawarma with?) the Avengers, before heading over to his own stand-alone movie with Sony. That movie is going to completely reboot the Spider-Man franchise (again), with a younger Peter Parker and will have a very “80s high school teen movie” vibe to it. We’re excited. So is Garfield.

“I’m just really excited to just be a fan again as opposed to bearing the weight of [the role],” Garfield explained. So that means we’re going to find Garfield in the audience, along with the rest of us when Spider-Man opens in 2017.

(Image via Sony.)