So THAT is why Andrew Garfield kissed Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes!

In case you missed the best part of the Golden Globes, Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds kissed. YEP, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. No, you haven’t accidentally navigated to, this is a thing that happened in real life. We’ve all been wondering what exactly brought this (b)romance to the next level, and now, after an interview with Stephen Colbert, we finally have the answer, and it’s simultaneously super satisfying and sort of…doesn’t really sate our curiosity at all?

If you missed it, here ya go: false

On the up side, we did learn that Andrew Garfield is a “very gentle lover” who feels very comfortable kissing men, as he illustrates to Stephen Colbert. (Nope, you’re still not reading fanfition. We know, we know. Super weird.)

When asked about why he made out with Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes, Andrew Garfield gave the answer we’d all love to give in regards to Ryan Reynolds, tbh.

"I just wanted Ryan to know that I loved him, no matter whether he won or lost. I just wanted him to know that it doesn't matter [if you win or lose], it's how you play the game. He showed up, he gave his all, it doesn't change anything in my heart."

Like, cool? But…when did this happen and can we get some more details? Like, is Andrew Garfield just showing his support to all of his actor friends by snogging them at pivotal life moments? Was he there when Blake Lively gave birth, mackin’ on Ryan in the corner to express his love?

At this juncture, we might need to turn to Fanfiction after all…

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