Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone got high at Disneyland for his birthday and LOL

While it might already be magical enough for some already, Andrew Garfield has revealed got high and went to Disneyland for his 29th birthday to spice things up, and we can’t stop laughing.

While Andrew Garfield has been going around saying he wasn’t handsome enough to play Prince Caspian (something we vehemently disagree with, tbh), the 33-year-old actor has also been melting our hearts by saying that he’d take his ex-partner, Hollywood actor Emma Stone, to a desert island with him if he could. Indeed, Emma herself has also spoken briefly about their split, too, saying that Andrew was “someone I still love very much.” *cries*

Well, as a little bit of light relief, Andrew Garfield has recounted a story about his 29th birthday back in 2012 and it’s hilarious.

Speaking to W magazine in a video interview, Garfield told how he and a few friends (Stone included) went to Disneyland to celebrate his birthday. However, to add even more magic to their experience, the group of friends decided to have some pot brownies and it was “literally heaven.” 

"There was a moment when me and eight of my closest friends found ourselves…we didn’t even realize anyone else was doing it. We were walking through Fantasyland and there was a song that was playing coming out of the trees, and we were all doing this — dancing through — and I think at one point we all started looking around going, ‘We’re all doing the same dance. How did this happen?’" he recalled. "And then we just kind of like build to this choreographed, like through Disneyland, like who are these grown men and women really fucking high just totally like what the fuck.

LOL! We can imagine that would have been quite some sight.

Garfield went on to say that they totally confused their tour-guide, too.

"I think she was that innocent and pure of heart that she had no idea that we were on drugs, he said.

Garfield said that he also had an existential crisis during It’s a Small World where he realized that, yes, it truly is a small world…

Meanwhile, Andrew Garfield also spoke about his role in Martin Scorsese’s epic historical drama, Silence, and how he spent time preparing for the role by praying. “I had a year of exploring, I suppose, this idea of worship, this idea of what it is that we are truly longing for and how do we actually go to the places that can feed us,” he said.

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