Andrew Garfield reveals his shockingly impressive hidden talent on “The Late Late Show With James Corden”

Just when you thought the Late Late Show with James Corden couldn’t get any better, it introduces a hilarious new segment. In this new bit, Andrew Garfield and other celebs show Corden their secret “hidden” talents, and it’s SO funny.

On Tuesday, the late-night talk show host introduced his fans to the “Hidden Talents” game show segment. Corden dressed in a shimmery suit and used an old-school microphone to really channel his inner game-show host.

Of course, no game show is complete without a few random people showing off their talents. The first person to debut his mysterious talent was Garfield, and he nailed it.

“I, I can do a bit of gymnastics,” Garfield said, after introducing himself to the audience. “And you’re sure that this is a hidden talent…you’re completely certain this is hidden?” Corden asked. “No one’s ever seen me do this before,” the Hacksaw Ridge actor reassured him.

The British actor then did a backflip, while rocking a red tracksuit, and we are very impressed.

Next up, was Kendall Jenner, who chirped like a bird. Yes, she did make bird sounds, and it was totally believable.

One of the best of the night was when Stevie Nicks came out of the wings and introduced herself as “Stephanie Nicks…born in Phoenix, but I was actually reborn in San Francisco in 1969.”

Her talent? Twirling the baton!

Last, but certainly, not least, Taylor Lautner took the stage. He had Corden throw grapes in his mouth from a variety of distances and caught them all. Some of them were SO far away, it was insane.

Check out the video above to see how talented these celebrities really are.