This Andes chocolate cake recipe is the dessert of your dreams

We can pretty much guarantee that whatever you’re looking at right now isn’t nearly as alluring as this Andes chocolate cake video, unless you’re poring over alcoholic versions of hot chocolate (in which case, carry on).

Anyway, before we get into this delectable dessert, we have to thank Delish for directing our attention towards this recipe and away from responsibility, thereby ruining any chance we had to be productive today. You heard us folks: ADULTING IS DONE RN because we have a pressing chocolate obsession to tend to.

ICYMI, chocolate cake is an official brunch trend, so if you plan on hosting a mid-morning meal meetup with your brunch squad in the near future (or ever), then go on and add this mint-meets-chocolate confection to your menu before someone else does it and steals ALL of your hostess shine.

SIGHSSS. Who knew staring at a photo of a chocolate cake slice could be so gratifying? If the picture makes us feel all these things, we’ll probably die and go to heaven after the first bite.

According to Delish, the chocolate cake that we need in our lives at this very moment is slathered with the creamiest ganache frosting, accented with a ton of Andes chocolate mints and filled with the yummiest looking green peppermint buttercream, proving that it is indeed the stuff of which dreams are made.

Seriously, it’s so magical, we could’ve sworn we saw this being served during Christmas dinner at Hogwarts:

So, that does it for us folks. Our priorities are firmly in place and at the top of the list is baking then devouring this cake whole.