And now, here are deaf people teaching you how to sign curse words

In the interest of motivating you to expand your linguistic comprehension, here’s a video of deaf people teaching you how to sign curse words. C’mon now — don’t pretend like you’re above spewing expletives in another language. Typically, those are the first words we want to learn, which is a good thing because science says swearing is a sign that a person is honest.

That means you have no choice but to take our word for it when we say that watching people use dirty phrases in sign language is probably the coolest shit we’ve ever seen. (We *know* you saw that one coming.)

First, if you’re gonna swear in sign language, facial expressions are even more necessary to drive home the point. They make up for the absence of tone.

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And now to give you what you came for: THE BAD WORDS.

The video wastes no time getting into the hardcore curse commands. For instance, here’s what you should do if you want to deliver the curt dismissal of “Eat a d*ck:”

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For those times when you’re fed TF up with life, here’s the hand motion you would use to deliver a hearty “EFF YOU ALL” to everyone and everything.

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We also have a couple of interesting takeaways from the video: Apparently there’s no ASL equivalent to “douchebag,” so if you want to use this most delightful of insults, it will require some extra effort, as in, you’ll have to spell it out letter by letter. And there are several creative variations on how to sign the word “c*cksucker,” and yes, we plan to learn all of them. Just in case.