People think this ancient Greek sculpture might show someone holding a laptop

In news that seems to come straight from a Doctor Who episode, or maybe Back To The Future, some people think they may have spotted what looks like a laptop in this ancient Greek funerary relief.

That would be odd for myriad reasons, the most obvious being that laptops were invented in the 1980s, and this relief is dated somewhere around 100 B.C.

However, you can see where people might get that idea. Not only does it have the exact same shape as a (somewhat clunky) modern laptop, there are even two holes resembling headphone jacks or USB ports, because even the ancient Greeks needed to rock out to Spotify at their desks.

This would also mean that they had other modern amenities, like WiFi. And if they had WiFi, then maybe they had Twitter. And if they had Twitter, does that mean they had memes? The more we think about it, the crazier this theory gets.

So what gives? Were the ancient Greeks predicting the future? Is this proof of time travel?

Sadly, no. The museum description of the relief, titled “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant,” claims it depicts a woman reaching out to touch, “the lid of a shallow chest.” It’s not evidence of a secret time-traveling society — which is exactly what a secret time-traveling society would want you to think . . .

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