These anatomical drawings on old book pages are so gorgeous, you’re going to want to wallpaper your room in them

Is there anything more exciting than a beautiful book? Let’s be real: There is something about a super old book that manages to take us back in time and dazzle us with its sage beauty before we even begin reading. That’s why it’s extra cool to see these anatomical drawings on old book pages. Cecila Levy is an artist who shares her incredible work on Etsy, and believe us when we say, even if you aren’t hugely into reading, these works of art will make you want to stick your nose into a book — or display it right on your wall.

Levy operates her Etsy shop, called PRRINT, by repurposing old books, which are mostly vintage dictionaries, and turns them into canvasses for her anatomical drawings. While obviously drawings of the human body can look a little nausea-inducing, her work somehow makes it really feminine and aesthetic. The lovely use of colors and flowers probably helps!

You can order Levy’s work in the form of either a simple print, which would look great on a desk or in your windowsill, or as a poster, which you can use to cover your walls. We think these works of art would also make some really unique gifts!

Check out some of our personal favorites below, courtesy of PRRINT on Etsy:

Lungs With Flowers


Heart With Birds And Flowers


Uterus With Flowers


Legs with Flowers


Brain with Flowers


Ribs with Birds



Hand with Vines


Gorgeous and haunting, right? Definitely check out the rest of the shop over at Etsy!

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