This detail from “Anastasia” has been bothering us since 1997

So, we absolutely adore the not-Disney-but-totally-feels-Disney movie, Anastasia. The music, the love story, the historically inaccurate portrayal of a Russian mystic escaping purgatory to murder a very forgetful princess — it’s a masterpiece. However, there was this one little detail that has always boggled our minds: the true length of Anastasia’s hair.

No seriously. Look at it here, when she makes her first appearance. Doesn’t it seem like she has a pixie cut?


But then, mid-song, Anastasia whips off her hat, revealing that she actually has a short ponytail.


Anyone who’s sported a bob knows that it’s natural for little tufts to fall out of a ponytail. That would explain the pieces poking out from her hat that created the pixie-cut allusion. But the mystery continues.

When Anastasia is hanging out on the boat to Paris with Dimitri and Vladimir, she has a teeny pony one moment …


And luscious princess hair the next! Girl, did you use clip-in extensions or something? Are you overdosing on biotin? How is this possible?


It’s possible that orphan Anya followed a YouTube tutorial on how to wear super long hair as as a cute ‘lil updo, but what about those tufts? The ones that were peeking out from under her newsboy cap — where did they go?


Anastasia gets all dolled up for the Russian Ballet and, ahem, no tufts.


Her bangs are still there, but what of the tufts? Did Aunt Sophie lend her extra powerful hair spray?


This has bothered some of us since 1997. How long is Anastasia’s hair?! For real!


(Images via 20th Century Fox)