Stop what you’re doing and listen — Anastasia could become a Disney Princess

On Thursday, The Walt Disney Company purchased many aspects of Fox’s production studio (and its assets) in a whopping $52.4 billion dollar purchase. Disney now has the rights to many of Fox’s properties, including everything from the Avatar movies, to The Simpsons, to many (SO MANY) Marvel characters that Disney couldn’t even think about touching up until right now. Something else they just bought? A ‘lil animated movie from Fox Animation Studios, the 1997 classic, Anastasia.

Remember when Disney bought Lucasfilm back in 2012, and we were all like, “So Princess Leia is now a Disney Princess, right?” That same thing is happening here. Disney now owns Anastasia. Anastasia is a princess. Anastasia can become a Disney Princess, something we have been dreaming about (and many of us, assuming to be true) for 20 years.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent all morning dreaming up that Steve Rogers/Johnny Storm buddy movie, and this more than likely flew under the radar. But as Entertainment Weekly points out, this is a real thing. So now, get out that megaphone, find a soap box, and start yelling this proclamation to the world. Our Anya might very well visit the Magic Kingdom very soon.

Obviously, becoming an ~official~ Disney Princess is a little bit harder than just having your parent company gobbled up by another company. Leia isn’t even an ~official~ Disney Princess yet, but she is in our hearts. And we all can see how over the last few years, Disney has increased Leia merchandise and mention by tenfold; think of what could happen now with Anastasia. Disney could very easily start selling Anastasia things, re-release the movie on new platforms, set up a meet and greet with her and — maybe the best yet — make a sequel. Disney loves sequels, even if they are direct-to-DVD.

While obviously everything about the deal is still being worked out, in these dark times hold onto the beautiful fact that Anastasia has found a new home, and maybe a whole new life. Journey to the past? So 20 years ago. Let’s journey to one of the Disney theme parks with her.