Prepare for this journey to the past: “Anastasia” is coming to Broadway

Your Hamilton obsession might be ending sooner than you think because there’s going to be a new OMG Broadway show in town: Anastasia is coming to Broadway.

YES, THAT ANASTASIA. As in, Anya who meets up with Dimitri and Vladimir in St. Petersburg and the three of them (plus her dog, Pooka) travel to Paris to meet with her grandmother, The Dowager Empress. You know, the 1997 Fox animated classic that suddenly you want to watch real bad right now (and you can, it’s on Netflix). There’s a brand new stage musical based on the film, and the show is set to open in Connecticut in June. After a run this summer, Anya and all her friends are making the big jump over to the Great White Way.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the songs and lyrics for the musical will be written by the same duo, Stephen Flaherty and lyricist Lynn Ahrens, who wrote the songs for the movie, and will include  “[their] Oscar-nominated ‘Journey to the Past’…along with new material.” That means we’re going to get a full show-stopping Broadway number of “Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)” along with so many more new songs. And don’t forget the most exciting part of all: watching Anya be ridiculously sassy to Dimitry.


Christy Altomare (Sophie Sheridan in Mama Mia!) and Derek Klena (Fiyero in Wicked) will play Anya and Dimitri, respectively. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like known Broadway stars Angela Lansbury OR Bernadette Peters will play their cartoon roles of The Dowager Empress or Sophie, but YOU NEVER KNOW. Honestly, that might be too much perfect Anastasia for our little hearts to take.

The theater location hasn’t been decided yet, but the show is expected to be a part of the 2016-2017 Broadway season. So watch your back, Hamilton. There’s going to be a new historical figure in town soon.