Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching a new vacation-themed eyeshadow palette to cure our winter blues

If there’s one brand that knows how to get beauty lovers excited time and again about eyeshadow, it’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. Just in time for our spring and summer vacations, the brand announced that it will be adding a new palette to the ABH family, Riviera. Inspired by nautical dreams and vacationing in the tropics, Riviera is comprised of seven metallic and seven matte bold shades that will leave you dreaming of being on a tropical coast, sipping piña coladas.

The 14 shades, which we know by now is the standard shade-count for Anastasia Beverley Hills, is anything but boring. After a bit of comment creeping on the brand’s page, we see that many fans want to get their hands on this new release, so get ready to act asap. The brand hasn’t released any details about pricing on the palette, but we’re hoping it’ll be in the standard $42 to $45 range. However, we do know that it will be launching on March 4th (aka soon), so hold off on the $5 lattes and put some money in your emergency makeup fund.

Seriously, this palette screams “put in some vacation days and sail away to somewhere tropical.”

Much like activities in spring and summer, it’s clear to see that the possibilities are endless with Riviera. The palette does have a few standard transition colors, but overall this product was *pacifically* meant to inspire through color (pun intended).

If you’ve been bored with your nude and smoky eye palettes, the colorful and bold “Riviera” has you covered.

In the past, ABH has played it pretty safe with their eyeshadow palette launches—but not this time. From the bold metallic blue to the popping pink, this palette is definitely a total 180 from the previous eyeshadow launches from the brand. If you’re looking to spring clean your eyeshadow collection, it would be cray-sea to miss out of this one.

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