Here is what Anastasia Beverly Hills’ ​Aurora Glow Kit looks like with a full face of makeup

Earlier this week our minds nearly melted when we saw that a gorgeous new intergalactic-themed glow kit was headed our way — it’s just too good to be true! Now we’ve finally gotten a look at what the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit looks like with a full face of makeup, and it’s just as stunning as we imagined it would be.

This cosmos-inspired palette lives up to its heavenly name and truly sends your skin on an extraterrestrial journey — how will we make it through the weekend without these shades lighting up our faces? Have mercy on us, beauty alien queens!

Makeup artist Jeanine K got her hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit and is serving us some serious looks.

Jeanine is rocking a full face of glorious ABH products, but the real star here is the glow kit. She’s wearing Luna on her cheeks and Spectra on her cheekbones as well as her eyelids. It’s so incredibly luminous and highly pigmented.

Just in case you don’t believe us when we tell you these are some seriously vibrant shades, here are some swatches for proof:

These multidimensional shades leave nothing behind — they’re radiating off her skin!

All the shade names are perfectly appropriate as well: Eclipse, Luna, Spectra, Helia, Orion, and Lyra.

This palette is a must-have for glow kit lovers everywhere. It doesn’t matter how big your collection is, this beauty is incredibly unique and expertly made!

You really can’t go wrong with any Anastasia Beverly Hills products, so we are confident that we’ll fall madly in love with the Aurora Glow Kit the second it’s in our hands. Hell, we’re already obsessed! You can make this kit yours at the ABH site on April 4th, so soon!

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