You must watch this beautiful R2-D2 love story

Everyone’s favorite adorable beeping Star Wars droidhas a new movie out, and it’s cute beyond comprehension. R2-D2, affectionately known as Artoo, gets a shot at romance in this short film called Artoo in Love, which premiered over the weekend at the Sonoma Film Festival. The short was made by Autodesk, Lucasfilm, and the R2 Builder’s Club, a worldwide group of enthusiasts who build perfect replicas of Artoo.

The three-minute story shows Artoo rolling around San Francisco and suddenly discovering a lovely lady mailbox (we can tell she’s a lady ’cause she has a bow in her lovely lady mailbox hair). He does his best to woo her, with picnics in the park and movies under the stars, but there’s one problem. His would-be bae is just not that into him.

Watching Artoo wheel around this galaxy is pretty charming, and when you add in the whole love element it gets quickly next level. Watch the short (and great) movie below.

It’s a sad but beautiful little film and the whole thing gives us Wall-E flashbacks. We hope this gives you some Wednesday morning love feels!

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