An Ode to Sundays

I usually waste my Sundays being lazy and dreading the work/school week ahead of me. This Sunday I decided that I’m tired of being tired. Here’s a list of awesome things to do instead of being a sloth:

1. Sleep in until 10:30 because you can, unless you can’t. Take a nap later then.

2. Make a real homemade breakfast instead of grabbing whatever is there and running out the door (Made cinnamon banana pancakes. Delicious.)

3. Go on a jog around a river or in a park. Go at your own speed. There is no one to judge you or push you. Have fun and you don’t even have to shave your legs. (I tripped over a rock and no one was there to laugh at my failure)

4. Do a facial mask and enjoy coffee. It tastes so much better when you’re drinking it for taste instead for survival. I have to mention that coffee creamer is so under-appreciated. I would not be alive today without my creamer.

5. Wash your hair, put in a leave in conditioner and leave it alone. (My hair looks crazy and no one cares)

6. Spray a little perfume on that makes you happy. Just for you. (I’m wearing Heidi Klum Shine today)

7. Play fetch with the dog even though you’ll be doing the throwing and the retrieving, because your dog is a lazy fathead.

8. Watch a marathon. Amen for Awkward and the Jenna Hamilton’s of the world. Pick Matty already please.

9. Listen to the Wild Hope album by Mandy Moore mostly because she can do no wrong and because it’s relaxing or pick Amanda Leigh. Any type of Mandy Moore activity is good for you – Because I Said So, How to Deal, Princess Diaries, Tangled (I have the music from the movie on my ipod and I’m proud)…

10. Write a list of all the awesome things you’ve done because you’re so pumped that you didn’t waste your whole day for once or do your homework that’s due tomorrow.

11. Repeat every Sunday.

I have so much more energy today. I’m probably going to dance around wearing leggings as pants and celebrate my freedom, because tomorrow is Monday and I’ll be scarfing leftovers for breakfast while running out the door.

By Elizabeth Kunze.

(Image via ShutterStock.)

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