An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Lucy Schwartz

Like most of you, I binge watched Arrested Development this past spring and have no regrets. When I finally reached episode 15, I was sad to see the new season end, but it was hard to feel sad for long when a song started to play through my headphones. “What song is this?!” I said to myself as the credits started to roll. I furiously Googled the lyrics, waking up my roommate and knocking over a glass of water. To my delight, I discovered the artist was Lucy Schwartz and the song is ‘Boomerang’.

It turns out Lucy is no stranger to Arrested Development. She voiced both the For British Eyes Only and the Mr. F tune from season 3. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lucy and chatting about her Arrested Development experience as well as her new album which just came out. (You have to check out by the way. Seriously, it’s amazing!)

Hi Lucy!

Lucy Schwartz: Hey Corinne!

So I’m excited to talk to you because I did research on you, and I hope that’s not creepy, but you’re the voice-

LS: Are you outside my window right now?

Yes I am. So if we could talk outside that would be great.

LS: Okay, I’ll climb down.

So you’re the voice behind the Mr. F and the For British Eyes Only on Arrested Development. Which is so cool!

LS: I am. I’m not a real Brit.

It must be so exciting to be a part of such a cult hit!

LS: Yeah, it’s amazing. Arrested Development is one of my favorite shows, so it was so much fun, especially this season – I got to do a little cameo and my song ‘Boomerang’ was the last song.

Yeah! That’s how I found out about you because as soon as I heard the song late at night I had to Google it and find out what it was.

LS: Yay!

So how did that song end up coming about?

LS: Well, my dad is the composer for Arrested Development and it was very much a coincidence that it was used in the show. They had basically wrapped the show and it was two days before they were going to turn it in and my dad is friends with Mitch, the creator of the show, and my dad had just given him the CD. Not to put in the show, just to sort of listen to it because he is our friend. I guess late at night as they were editing. Mitch was driving home at like three in the morning and he was like, “I love it! Boomerang is the perfect way to end the show!” so he at the every last minute edited it so it would fit.

That’s so exciting! So ‘Boomerang’ sounds a lot more upbeat than some of your other songs and I’m a huge fan of both sounds, but I’m curious what you might prefer or what we can expect from your upcoming album.

LS: The upcoming album… I’m really excited. I’m really proud of it. I think it’s different than what I’ve put out before and it’s very eclectic. There are songs that sound they are from the medieval times. There are songs that  sound like a banjo sort of hoe down and then there’s a song that’s like a soulful song and there’s another to dance to and a more heartfelt one.

Oh, that sounds so cool. Do you have a favorite track or one that you’re most excited about?

LS: Hmmmmm. I really love ‘Marie Antoinette’. That one is sort of the one that sounds medieval. It’s very regal and then it becomes epic and dark.

So how did you first get into music? I feel like it usually runs in the family… which seems to be your case.

LS: Yeah, it does run in the family. We’re all artists, musicians or make up bottle container makers. That is also a profession that runs in the family.

That’s a very interesting profession.

LS: Yeah. It’s in both sides of the family, which is weird. But yeah I just grew up with a lot of music in the house and we had a piano that is still the piano I write most of my songs at. I would just go over to the piano when I was little and play melodies. Then I started taking piano lessons and I had a really amazing piano teacher and he inspired me to start writing songs.

So most of the HelloGiggles readers are young, ambitious, creative types. Do have any advice for those people?

LS: I’m very much about envisioning something and then I go after it. so I have all these themes and dreams and I think it’s very easy to think of something and sort of say “Oh, that would be a good idea but I could never make it happen.” And I think the trick is just to believe that you can.

Ah yes. I would agree! Well, thank you for talking to me today!

LS: Thank you!

Lucy’s album Time Keeper is out now so pick up a copy or give it a listen on Spotify and keep it on repeat like I am! You can also check out her album trailer below!

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