An artist created a bust of The Weeknd and it’s incredibly accurate

If there’s any doubt in your mind that you’re always worth it and you deserve it, feel free to use this artist’s creation of a bust of the Weeknd as a measuring stick for your personal value. JUST KIDDING. The absence of an artistic replica of your likeness doesn’t mean you aren’t special and deserving of ALL the good things. But judging by the incredibly accurate statue we spotted at MTV, it’s obvious that The Weeknd *really* inspired someone.

The statue features The Weeknd’s new haircut and nails the stoic facial expression he wore during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and in virtually all of his music videos. It is also the exact opposite of our faces when we found out that the “Starboy” singer and Bella Hadid decided to call it quits.

But back to this bust. It’s really good:

Oh, and here’s The Weeknd looking similarly unimpressed while surrounded by Victoria’s Secret models last year:

Clearly, it takes a lot to move this guy to smile, but hopefully this painstaking expression of appreciation did the trick.