Amy’s Kitchen (yes, that Amy’s Kitchen) is now a fast food joint

Fast food without all the ickiness? Who has a car? Because we’re going on a road trip. Amy’s Kitchen, aka the vegetarian and vegan frozen meal aficionados, has opened up Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park, California. It’s a retro-style diner that only serves organic, responsibly sourced, and GMO-free vegetarian and vegan food with an optional gluten-free bonus.

If Amy’s sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re thinking of those delicious meals you spend hours deciding between at the grocery store. Do you go frozen pizza or frozen enchiladas? Lasagna or burrito bowl? Or the Indian food or the ice cream or the apple pie and I have to slow down, it’s all too mouthwatering.

With their frozen items already having such a cult following, it’s no surprise that they wanted to take things a step further. Sticking to their philosophy of healthy and responsible food, they opened Amy’s Drive Thru on July 20th to loads of excited customers. It really is an old-fashioned drive thru, with additional seating if you need to get out of your car and stretch your legs. It’s everything you love about quick, easy fast food, without any of the bad ingredients that usually make it so unhealthy.

Not only is this stuff actually healthy, it also looks delicious. If you take a peek at their Instagram, you’ll see fast food like you’ve never seen it before.

Look at that packaging! Those fries!

I mean, that just looks like a dream I’ve had.

Imagine stumbling upon that in the middle of the night.

Actually, that kind of feeling is exactly why Amy’s set up shop. They describe their mission on their website:

I think we all fall in to any one of those categories. Therefore, we deserve a burger. And so do our bodies. Because everything is made with good, healthy ingredients, you can go ahead and ask for seconds. And at such a reasonable price ($2.69 for a veggie burger and $4.69 for a burrito) your wallet won’t get angry.

Now, did we figure out who has the car??


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