Remembering the iconic Amy Winehouse on her 33rd birthday with some gorgeous fan art

It has been five years since the world lost the unbelievably talented and deeply soulful singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse.


Amy, who very publicly struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, succumbed to alcoholism on July 23, 2011 at the age of 27 — sharing the age of many music icons who died too soon, known as The 27 Club.


Despite only releasing two (incredible) albums in her lifetime, the Grammy-winning musician’s talent was already understood as legendary before she even passed.

Since her passing, Amy’s legacy continues through The Amy Winehouse Foundation, helping young people who are fighting addiction, a documentary, and previously unreleased music — letting us newly experience the beloved songbird one more time.


Today would have been Amy Winehouse’s 33rd birthday, and the world is celebrating the music icon.

We are also celebrating the day the universe gifted us with the bee-hived legend. Here is some of the most beautiful fan art that has been created in Amy’s memory:

By lucy.prints

By mattise_parties

Surrounded by flowers

By gallerihamann

Raw and beautiful

By raulrules

A nod to Amy's perfect pin-up girl style

By manchefuehrenmanchefolgen

Her most iconic features

By ashboogeydotcom

A bee-hive and a halo

By kassedilla

The illustrative style of Roy Lichtenstein meets Amy's moving lyricism

By _syntek_

Pretty in pink

By berndtofferings

And lastly, Saint Winehouse

Happy birthday, Amy! We miss you.