Amy Smart just had her first baby, and the pic and name are both too cute to handle

Actress and model Amy Smart welcomed her first child on December 31, ending 2016 with a bang! The Just Friends star and husband Carter Oosterhouse both posted the sweet photo of their little bundle of joy on Instagram yesterday, and looked happier than ever! The couple decided to call their new baby girl Flora, and we’re so in love with the name! We can’t handle how absolutely adorable it is, and are excited to hear why they gravitated to it.

Amy and Carter married in 2011 after dating for just a year. So romantic!

Amy and Carter posted this sweet pic of baby Flora on Instagram!

Carter posted the same photo on his Instagram, but with a slightly different caption.

"We are so excited to announce the birth of our little lady...Flora?" Carter wrote. "We love you more than you know and can't wait to experience the journey. What a blessing.."

A blessing, indeed! During the last tortuous weeks of 2016, we weren’t so sure if we could muster any ounce of positivity for the new year. But seeing Flora’s sweet face let’s us know that there’s definitely hope. What a way to top off the new year!

We’re so happy for the new little family.