Amy Schumer’s vacation pictures are actually very relatable

One of the (many) things we love about Amy Schumer is that it’s like she just gets us. When we Inside Amy Schumer or listen to her stand up or basically see her do anything, she’s like our hilarious (and super cool) best friend.

And in a couple of her recent Instagram pictures, she makes us again feel like we’re hanging out with our goofy friend who’s both having a great time and making us laugh. In the first one, she reminds us how easy it is to look pretty ridiculous while riding a giant inflatable in the pool. Despite trying to look totally together… well, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. And the outcome is hilarious.

And just before she posted that hysterically splayed out pose (that we know we’ve all done at some point when trying to get comfortable on one of those big things), she posted another spot-on vacation picture.

With a drink in hand, surrounded by beauty yet still wearing a forlorn look, Amy’s perfect caption of “I’m a blast at sea” is seriously cracking us up. While we’re sure the comedian had an amazing trip and was just making a joke (what she does best), it secretly reminds us of the the rare times when we’re on vacation and just not feeling it. Or sometimes, too, people just catch a candid of you in an “off” moment, when you were taking time to look around and not posing with a giant smile.

Either way, we highly doubt Amy isn’t the most fun to have around no matter what the situation. And we’re glad she keeps sharing her goofy and honest pictures so we can feel like we’re right there sharing a laugh with her.

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