Amy Schumer’s throwback July 4th photo is the cutest thing

When it comes to posting #tbt pics, nobody is greater at it than Amy Schumer. She has a seemingly endless supply of adorable photos from her childhood, and much to our delight, she expertly posts them on Thursdays. Today’s pic did not disappoint.

Amy just shared the ~cutest~ throwback, just in time for the 4th of July.

There’s so much to love about this pic: Her Statue of Liberty costume, complete with lit torch. Her floral dress. Her white Velcro shoes. Even though we can’t see much of her face, she still looks like the same Amy we know and love.

It might eclipse her other #tbt photo from the other week.

What about this one?

We still have a few days until the Fourth, so hopefully Amy treats us to another throwback before the long weekend is over!

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