Amy Schumer’s text exchange with a friend about drinking too much is all too relatable

Even though we try our hardest not to overindulge when it comes to alcohol, we’ve all been there once or twice. You know, the moment when you’ve had a teensy bit too much to drink, and a top-notch friend comes to the rescue. And hey, Amy Schumer feels us.

She recently had a relatable AF text exchange about this with her good friend, and posted the messages online (further proving Schumer has the most hilarious Instagram account ever).

We dig how honest Schumer and her friend are.

"Text exchange I just had with my beloved assistant #liveyourbestlife #iwasalilexcitedaboutmsginjune"

So whether you’ve puked on your friends shoes and required rolling over (oof), or been that friend who probably needed new shoes, you’re not alone.

And as funny as this is, let it serve as a reminder to always pace ourselves when it comes to that special sauce known as “alcoholic beverages.”  Apart from the fact that you get dehydrated, cranky, and (yes, sometimes) sloppy, it can genuinely be dangerous. (Okay, mom lecture over. But for serious!)

Oh, and obviously, hangovers suck.

Funny posts aside, let’s all also remember to send our best healing vibes Amy’s way, since she recently had to cancel her upcoming tour dates in Australia due to feeling under the weather. However, in true Amy form, she posted this super cute and delightful Instagram apology:

Cute, right?! We seriously hope she feels better soon, because we need large doses of her in our lives on an extremely regular basis.

And thanks for always keeping it real. Puking on shoes and all.

We’re all in this together.

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