Amy Schumer’s next stand up special will be on Netflix, and it’s coming soon!

Our beloved funny woman, Amy Schumer, is back at it again. Somehow, in between making hilarious new movies we can’t wait to see like Snatched, she’s found time to create a new stand up comedy special.

And now, Amy Schumer has announced that Netflix will air her latest special.

Of course, Amy has been hard at work over the past year traveling all over with her stand up comedy. The talented entertainer has been all over the country (and world) making audiences everywhere laugh. So we have no doubt this hour-long special will be filled with many of those awesome jokes.

This is the first time Amy is airing her special on Netflix. It’s Amy’s third stand up special. Her first one, Mostly Sex Stuff, aired in 2012 on Comedy Central. And her latest, Live at the Apollo, aired on HBO in 2015. Amy is (understandably) excited about this new partnership with Netflix.

And, though Amy did make the announcement through a more formal press release, she also confirmed it with a perfectly hilarious Instagram post.

The special was taped November of 2016 in Denver. And it will be available for Netflix streaming on March 7th of this year.

There’s no word yet what the name of the special will be. Though, based on Amy’s hashtag, maybe it’ll have something to do with leather? Then again, that hashtag could just be a joke since jokes are what Amy does best.

But no matter what she ends up calling it, we have no doubt this special will be as amazing as Amy is.

We are so stoked to be able to soon Netflix and chill while cracking up with this hysterical lady.

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