Amy Schumer’s latest Insta post with BF Ben Hanisch is hilarious perfection

Ever since Amy Schumer started dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch, we’ve been seriously obsessed with her adorably loved-up Instagram pictures which perfectly capture the comedian’s dry sense of humor.  The latest one from her tour bus is no different, but it might be the best one yet!

"It's so great to share my life with this guy. And Ben is in this pic too. @marknormand and I have been on the road together for 8 years. He is hilarious and a great guy and he always ruins everything."

Lol. And just in case you were wondering, Normand is also a comedian, and his friendship with Schumer is especially noteworthy because she reportedly plucked him from a small comedy club in New York and let him open for her on tour. The rest is history! We even found this great throwback pic of the two of them from 2009 (not sure who the third person is, but he’s probably a cool dude too).

Awwwww, what a special friendship.

Schumer never fails to make us laugh/feel slightly jealous at her relationship status and friendships with other awesome funny people, and we dig the fact that she never takes things too seriously.

Can’t wait for more where this came from. Thanks for keeping it real, Amy!

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