Amy Schumer’s Instagram post basically encapsulates modern-day romance and we are LOLing

We not only love Amy Schumer, but also love following her relationship with boyfriend Ben Hanisch. After all, Schumer’s not shy about posting photos of their relationship on Instagram, and her latest post is no exception.

It captures modern-day romance to a tee, amirite?!

After all, who has time to take the cellophane off flowers? ? (And how many of you can relate, i.e., have gotten such flowers?! A lot, right?!)

Schumer captioned her photo, “True romance, and we actually ~just~ wrote about the latest Twitter hashtag, ItsOnlyTrueLoveIf, where people have been filling in the rest of that sentence and tweeting their answers. So, in Schumer’s case, perhaps she’d tweet “It’s only true love if… the bouquet of flowers come in cellophane. Or maybe, “It’s only true love if… he surprises you with flowers (cellophane or not). 😉

But, even if we prefer cellophane-free flowers, as we all know, it’s the ~thought~ that counts — flowers are flowers, plastic wrapper or not.

Like Schumer, Hanisch doesn’t seem shy about posting pics of or about their relationship either.

Okay, did you read that caption? And did your heart just melt like ours did? Excuse us while we try to piece it back together…

Other times, Hanisch posts other (read: less mushy) photos of him with Schumer.

And they both post pics of them doing ordinary things, like flying together.

Of course, other times, they’re all dressed up.

In any case, Schumer and Hanisch give us #RelationshipGoals, so excuse us while we go check our dating apps…

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