We kinda love that Amy Schumer’s “Family Feud” episode basically felt like a bonus stand-up set

Celebrity Family Feud is famous for bringing out the competitive streak in some of your favorite stars. But others prefer to have some fun with the show — like Amy Schumer did when her family faced off against Kelly Clarkson’s. The comedian saw Celebrity Family Feud as a chance to have fun with her loved ones and crack some jokes, and she did both in equal amounts. In fact, some of Amy Schumer’s answers were so off-the-cuff and hilarious that it feels as if we got a bonus stand-up show (edited for television, of course).

Steve Harvey certainly had his hands full with Schumer, who pulled no punches when it was her turn to answer questions on the hit television show. Harvey asked this question, “What might a wife do to her husband’s bald head in the bedroom?” Like lightning, Schumer instantly had an answer: “Push it down!” Understandably, Steve Harvey needed a few moments to collect himself after that raunchy response.


While Schumer was clearly having tons of fun on Celebrity Family Feud, her relatives brought along a far more competitive edge. They had team jackets made up for the occasion and fought hard to beat the other Kelly Clarkson and her family.

To be fair, it seems like some of the questions were dreamed up with Amy Schumer specifically in mind. When Steve Harvey said, “Name a reason your man looks better with clothes on than without,” everyone knew the answer would be hysterical.


“Small penis!” Schumer cried. Admittedly, Steve Harvey didn’t look quite so entertained by that one, but the audience (including us) more than made up for it. Can we just have Amy Schumer on television all the time?

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