Amy Schumer got to play around on a Zamboni yesterday and she took it VERY seriously

Aside from performing in Syracuse, NY yesterday, Amy Schumer also had some fun offstage, according to her Instagram photos.

First, here’s a pic from her show.

Schumer performed at Syracuse’s Oncenter War Memorial Arena last night, almost selling out the 8,000-seat space, reported

One of her jokes included:

“I’ve heard if you can make it here, you can make it in Utica!

Also yesterday, Schumer posed with this Zamboni (we’re guessing the two in the photo belong to the Syracuse Crunch).

Fun fact: ICYMI, the Zamboni was named after Frank Zamboni, who intro’d the world’s first ice resurfacing machine in 1949. Wow, huh?

Here’s Schumer on a Zamboni, or “zambi,” as she calls it.

Here’s a closer look. As you can see, it requires some intense concentration.

We’d love to know if Schumer went out onto the ice with this ginormous machine, but there’d probably be a picture if so, right? Still, even getting onto the Zamboni looks challenging.

Overall, she seems to be having fun, Zamboni or not.

And that’s what life’s all about, amirite?!

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