Amy Schumer is having one hell of a week

Amy Schumer is counting down the days until the release of her movie Trainwreck in the most Amy Schumer way possible. She’s sending texts from Katie Couric’s phone (NSFW!), landing magazine covers, and she just earned two Emmy noms for her work on Inside Amy Schumer. Lead actress in a comedy series? Check. Variety sketch series? That too. (Oh and Paul Giammati got a nod for his work on her show, too!) She just tweeted out her excitement and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the woman you can expect anything from.

Despite this flurry of excitement, Amy’s kept it together 100% on all of her appearances, including participating in a hilarious bit on The Tonight Show last night, during which she and Jimmy Fallon conducted the most “emotional” interview ever. The rules are: every time they hear a ding! they have to do the interview while acting out whatever emotion is on screen. The prompts ranged from “a little too tipsy” to “fake nice” but each and every one had me chuckling at my desk. (Check it out here.) Yeah, it’s gone viral as of this morning. All in a night’s work.

We’re not done with Amy’s week yet. Then, there’s the GQ cover that everybody is talking about. You know, this one:

This is the cover in a whole series of photos that depict Amy kookily interacting with characters like C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. For fans of Schumer (and those who love the sketch where she pokes fun at male obsessions with famous female Star Wars fans) the photos could be seen as tongue in cheek (no pun intended). But they’ve also raised some controversy, which we’re imagining Schumer didn’t shy away from. Jessica Valenti smartly lamented the whole thing on Twitter:

Valenti makes a strong point, but it’s likely one Schumer isn’t taking to heart. Since the cover was released yesterday, it’s been trending like there’s no tomorrow and garnering a lot of press for the Friday debut of Trainwreck.

Yes it’s been a big week for Amy and it’s only the beginning. With these Emmy nominations fresh out of the oven, all eyes will continue to be on her and her work as she slowly but surely dominates the entertainment scene. You know what? I’m 500% okay with it.

(Images via GQ, Twitter, MTV)


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