Amy Schumer and Vanessa Bayer’s hilarious text exchange is making us want to text our besties

Daily random texts to our friends are honestly how so many of our greatest comedic moments are born. So take texting between friends who are also actual professional comedians, and you know you’ve got gold.

As was the case when Amy Schumer texted her bud Vanessa Bayer (aka, her hilarious Trainwreck costar, and also, one of our favorite SNL cast members).

We glimpsed into their private text exchange via Instagram (of course), aaaaaaand there’s a lot of talk about sugary drinks and yummy snacks. Relatable much? Seriously, this makes us want to text our bffs right now.

Um, can we come backstage and enjoy some Sprite with Amy and Vanessa?!

It can be Sprite Zero, we’re not fussy! Seriously though, these guys are adorable.

And so supportive of each another!

If you haven’t texted like crazy with your bestie in a while, remember that there’s basically never an inappropriate time.

via giphyWe can’t wait to see what the year has in store for these funny ladies! In addition to her SNL duties, Bayer is starring in The Polka King with Jack Black and Jenny Slate, and Schumer is playing the lead in Snatched alongside Goldie Hawn! And that’s from the writer of Ghostbusters, Katie Dippold. No biggie.

Hey guys, can we join in on this text chat next time? Like, maybe we can make it a group thing? Just putting it out there. You can think it over…

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