How the universe works, according to Amy Schumer, Bill Nye, and the ‘Broad City’ girls

Amy Schumer has been on a roll lately (and by lately, we mean at least the last couple years). Her first HBO comedy special is set to debut later this year, she has two highly-anticipated movies on the horizon, and her kickass Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer has been having a breakout third season. On the show, Schumer’s tackled everything from Hollywood’s double standards, to weirdly sexist beer ads, to One Direction’s music; and it’s consistently been smart, hilarious, and all kinds of awesome. And now, in a glorious sketch from earlier this week, Schumer has decided to explain the universe.

Obviously, this was no small task — and Schumer called in some reinforcements. With the help of Bill Nye and Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, we now know that the universe is not a “chaotic collection of matter” that includes all of space and time, but a force that sends out “cosmic guidance” to all of us plebeians.

“The universe,” Nye begins. “For centuries, mankind has strived to understand this vast expanse of energy, gas, and dust. In recent years, a stunning breakthrough has been made in our concept of what the universe is for.”

The sketch pokes fun of the idea that coincidence should be interpreted as some sort of message from the universe — and hilarity ensues. One woman believes that when she made a wrong turn and ended up at a vitamin shop, it was a sign she should take more calcium. Glazer and Jacobson discuss putting their desires out into the universe via Pinterest. Schumer interprets seeing a shirt that says “Chill” as a sign she needs to relax about her problems.

The video gets a little NSFW — and yes, you’ll hear your childhood hero Bill Nye drop a few cuss words — but it’s well worth plugging in your headphones. Check it out for yourself below!

(Images via video.)

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