Amy Schumer took on vagina shaming and the result was hilarious

Last night was the Season four premiere of the must-see Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer (Seriously, if you haven’t been watching you’re doing yourself a disservice). Covering everything from a gynecological exam with Congress to pitching a Betsy Ross rap opera to Lin-Manuel Miranda, Amy came out of the gate swinging.

She also took on vagina shaming with a parody yogurt commercial called “Yo-Puss.”

It’s pretty widely accept that things like douching are not generally recommended and, in fact, can even be harmful to your vagina. However, it feels like products to “clean” your vagina (because, you know, it’s not like it cleans itself or anything) are still being pushed on us daily. So, Amy took on this ridiculousness in the best way possible…by making fun of it of course.

First, Amy taught us that “Yo-Puss” yogurt takes care of “the front of the house”.


Then, we learned just exactly how it works.


And that it works on even the strongest of odors.


There were also some pretty amazing warnings.

“Side effects include ovarian stigmata, puff taint, and clitoral numbness.”

But, all jokes and “ovarian stigmata” aside, we love Amy Schumer even more now for continuing to take on the patriarchy and bringing “Yo-Puss” into our lives.


Inside Amy Schumer airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central, but you can watch this entire sketch and the full episode on now.

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