You guys, Amy Schumer is guesting on three different shows TONIGHT

Amy Schumer is probably one of the busiest women in Hollywood, and we have the proof. The Trainwreck actress is expected to appear in three different animated series’ season premieres tonight! We’re starting to think there may be more than one Amy Schumer roaming around.

According to TV Guide, Fox Broadcasting co-CEO Dana Walden announced during the Television Critics Association fall preview last month that Schumer would be making guest voiceover appearances on the season premieres of Bob’s Burgers’ seventh season, The Simpsons’ 29th season and Family Guy’s 15th season. And lucky for us, we have deets to share about Schumer’s roles on The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers!

On The Simpsons, Schumer will play Mr. Burns’ mother in his childhood flashbacks, which tells us a great deal about how Mr. Burns came to be the way he is.


And on Bob’s Burgers, Schumer voices a customer at a toy store that the Belchers’ visit.


Although The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers premieres are both musicals, Schumer’s characters will not be harmonizing with the rest of the cast. Schumer’s roles in each series premiere is relatively small, and it was reported that she recorded all of her parts over the phone.

Walden mentioned that it was the network’s intent to have all three roles voiced by the same actress, but whether or not the roles are connected in any way is unforeseen. Either way, we’re looking forward to tuning in!

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