Amy Schumer is coming to these three TV shows and it’s actually awesome

Amy Schumer is one of our favourite funny people in the entire world. We love that she’s not afraid to get real about her life and speak openly about her body image, all the while remaining completely hilarious.

While we wait patiently for Amy to release her autobiography, Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, on August 16, we’ve also just found out that Ms. Schumer will be coming to THREE of Fox’s Animation Domination shows that air on Sunday nights!

According to reports in Entertainment WeeklyFox announced at the Television Critics Association (TCAs) that Amy would be guest starring in The SimpsonsBob’s Burgers, and Family Guy on September 25.


Speaking about bagging Schumer for all three shows, Fox’s chief, Dana Walden said, “She recorded all shows at once and they were very accommodating and they can pretty much record someone in any city. It was just very lucky and fortuitous. It was always designed for the same actor. That was our goal and what the shows anticipated, that there would be connective tissue throughout the night.”

Digital Spy reports that Amy will play Mr Burn’s mother in a flashback during her stint on The Simpsons, and a construction worker during Family Guy. In Bob’s Burger’s, she’ll be found accidentally melting the character of Louise’s favorite toy after a run-in with the titular character Bob.

Fear not, however, as Amy hasn’t given up on her own TV show. Earlier this year, Comedy Central announced that they had recommissioned the hilarious Inside Amy Schumer for it’s fifth season, set to air in April 2017.

The next 12 months are gonna be ALL about Amy Schumer and we’re 100% okay with that.


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