Amy Schumer wins award, thanks her belly, is the best

Amy Schumer may have just made awards history by acknowledging the role her midsection has had in her success.

When she was given the MVP Award at the Critics’ Choice Awards this weekend, she first thanked exactly who you would expect her to thank: her Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer people.

And then it was time to give some love to her tummy.

“Thank you for this trophy, covering the reason I had to write my own shit …” she said, moving the trophy out of the way so she could gesture to her midsection.


“If you’re an actress, and you have this area right here,” she said, patting her stomach, “you have to write your own stuff if you want to get it made. ”

Okay, so she’s joking here (this is Schumer we’re talking about, it’s the rare sentence that does not contain a joke), but she touches on something important and true. Hollywood isn’t writing leading lady roles for women that look like Amy, and so she had to write her dream role for herself, and as a result, we got the wonderful, wonderful Trainwreck. Yes, it’s the dumbest that Hollywood has such narrow standards, but if it led to someone like Amy Schumer create a better role for herself than anyone would have created for her, then we can take some small comfort in seeing someone taking the sand that gets in their shell and making a straight-up comedic pearl.

Check out the full speech here:

(Images via A&E/ YouTube)

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