We’re dying at the cuteness of Amy Schumer’s talent show #TBT

Amy Schumer may not have scored that coveted Oscar nomination, but she’s clearly always been a golden girl. We screeched in painful familiarity when the comedienne and Renaissance woman shared this #TBT photo on Instagram yesterday, courtesy of the “Mom, never show that to anyone” files.

It might seem a little bittersweet, given that the caption reads “When do they announce the Oscar nominations?#FingersCrossed,” but the photo was posted more than a day after the Academy Award nominees were named. Schumer was considered a contender for both Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay for her hilarious rom-com, Trainwreck.

At the Golden Globes, she received a Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy nomination, but lost to her BFF and screenwriting partner Jennifer Lawrence for Joy. “She’s going to be fine,” Lawrence told Vanity Fair about her beloved bestie’s loss. “It wasn’t a matter of feeling bad because she’s funny and hilarious and will win many things. I just really expected Amy to win.”

Humor in all things seems to be Amy’s motto, as this hilarious throwback photo proves. Amy didn’t give us any specific information about the history of the photo, but Amy looks about 12 (and is sporting a liquid gold top and a side pony), so we’d guess this comes to us from the early 90s. It’s also unclear if she’s singing or dancing, but we’re betting she’s probably not telling jokes about her vagina.

Despite her spectacular talent show history and recent awards disappointment, Amy certainly has a lot to laugh about. First off, news broke recently that she and Lawrence have finished a draft of their hotly anticipated jointly-written screenplay, in which the two plan to play sisters. In early January, Lawrence told BBC interviewer Lauren Laverne that the script is finished and they’re working out when to film it.

Schumer has also recently found love with super-cute boyfriend Ben Hanisch, her after-party date for the Golden Globes. Days before the talent show pic, Amy posted this sweet photo of the two of them cuddling in the aftermath of awards show — who needs a little golden statue, anyway?  

(Images Via Instagram.)