Amy Schumer’s Super Bowl commercial is here, and naturally, it’s perfect

This year’s collection of Super Bowl TV spots already have us LOL’ing, but our frontrunner for ~favorite~ is finally here. Amy Schumer’s brand-new commercial makes us wonder one big thing: is there a way to get Schumer elected as our future president?

Teaming up with Seth Rogen, the two star in a commercial for “The Bud Light Party.” Not like a birthday party, but a political party. Schumer and Rogen are here to hawk us some beer, and have decided to form their own faux political party to do so. Don’t think about it too much, just know that you’re going to laugh at least three times before the commercial is over.

The gist of the commercial is that our great nation is divided on many topics, except for things like Paul Rudd and light beer, because like, obviously.


And in the end, we can all come together over our shared interest of Paul Rudd and light beer, and also that rousing speech from Independence Day. You know, the “not go quietly into the night” one.

If that’s not enough, the commercial gives us a taste of Cowgirl Schumer, and maybe her next comedy should be a western. Just a thought.


We’re ready and excited to see if Schumer and running-mate Rogen can take this party all the way to the White House (in our own imaginary dream world).

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