Amy Schumer Was So Excited to Show Baby Gene Her Super Bowl Commercial

It didn't exactly go well, though...

During Super Bowl LV yesterday, February 7th, Amy Schumer appeared in a commercial for Hellmann’s in which she played a Fairy God Mayo. And although we’re sure she was super stoked to appear in such a highly televised ad, Schumer was much more excited to show her commercial to her biggest fan (and maybe biggest critic)—her son, Gene.

First time seeing mom on tv, Schumer captioned Gene’s reaction to watching his mom take on the Fairy God Mayo role.

She made sure to film the family watch party in case something cute happened. But, as she later confirmed in the comments, “not one eff [was] given” by baby Gene.

People in the comments got a kick out of Gene’s lack of excitement to see Mom on TV. “Un?im?pressed,” one follower commented. “Lol, deeply affected,” another wrote, with one fan adding, “I love how you’re looking at him…so nervous. He could give zero F’s.”

The cutest part about Schumer’s video is Schumer herself waiting for Gene’s reaction. “Watching you watching him is the best,” Debra Messing commented, and Paris Hilton wrote, “The way you look at him ??.”

Hey, as they say, family is truly your toughest critic. Gene’s just getting a head start on pushing his mom to be the best she can be—that’s all! At least Schumer’s husband, Chris Fischer, seemingly got a few chuckles out of the Hellmann’s ad.

Better luck next year, Amy. Perhaps Gene just needs some more time to figure out how television works before he gets the true modern marvel that is seeing his mom both on TV and beside him.

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