Amy Schumer and her boyfriend’s “Stranger Things” costumes are completely amazing

There are so many great things about Halloween, but one of the best is seeing what celebrities pick for their costumes each year. It’s always hilarious to see how pop culture icons decide which pop culture icons they want to dress themselves as!

So, of course comedian Amy Schumer and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch’s Stranger Things themed costumes were high on our list of ‘OMG, this is so amazing!’

So without further ado, here is Amy Schumer and Ben sharing their Dustin and Eleven themed costumes on Instagram!

For those unfamiliar with the series the character Eleven is a telekinetic hero girl who is learning about the power of friendship, and Dustin is a science loving nerd who plays Dungeons and Dragons and just wants everyone to get along. Definitely an unconventional couple’s costume, (and not even a couple on the show), but that’s what makes the pairing so incredibly Schumer.

Also lucky for us, they got plenty of photos of their adventures on Instagram!

Here’s an excellent selfie of the unlikely duo:

Here is a video of them getting around on bike, which is, of course, the main form of transport on the show.

Here they are taking another selfie break… [/subheader]

And of course they found Barb!

And here they are finishing the night off with karaoke:

We love the arc of Amy and Ben’s Halloween adventure, and are kind of feeling wistful for a Stranger Things spin off where Eleven and Dustin go on fun adventures, reunite with Barb, and finish the night off with a musical number. Maybe in another dimension.

Either way, Amy and Ben’s costumes rock, and they’re giving us serious Halloween goals!

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