Sneaking a peek at Amy Schumer on ‘SNL’ this weekend

The comedy gods have smiled down upon us, by bringing Amy Schumer to Saturday Night Live this weekend. We can go ahead and expect an A+ performance from her, because even just standing still and smiling, Schumer just makes us laugh. And that’s totally a good thing.

Ahead of the airing this Saturday, SNL has released its usual promos for the episode, featuring Schumer standing on the 30 Rock rooftop, alongside Vanessa Bayer. Did you know that Bayer was in Trainwreck? That’s news to Schumer, who plays off that joke fabulously.

The promo also features a few jokes about The Weeknd (this week’s musical guest) and a part where Bayer may or may be high-fiving Schumer. (You’ll see.) Honestly, we could watch 90-minutes of this and be completely satisfied. And laugh A LOT.

With only three days to go before it’s Saturday night, start gearing up for what is sure to be one of our favorite episodes this season. Check out the promos for Schumer’s episode below!

(Image via NBC)


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