Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen’s Bud Light ad might be the best reason to watch the Super Bowl

Let’s be real: The main reasons we watch the Super Bowl are for the appetizers, the commercials, and so we can talk about how we only watch the Super Bowl for the appetizers and the commercials. Super Bowl 50 is still two weeks away (we don’t even know who’s playing in it yet), but we’re already excited about one commercial in particular: The Bud Light Party.


On Thursday, Bud Light posted a teaser video to its YouTube channel featuring two of our favorite people in the entire world: Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen. The video hints at what’s to come from the brand during the big game. We don’t know anything for sure, but from the looks of the “Bud Light Party” pins on their chests, the ad will be election-themed.

The teaser features the duo getting dressed and ready for an event. Of course, that involves lots of tweezing, talcum powder, and Spanx, plus some pearls for Amy and a hot dog for Seth. (Obviously. How do you get ready?) They’re both looking very presidential, wearing shades of Bud Light blue and large pins for their party.


In the past, Bud Light’s Super Bowl ads asked unsuspecting people if they were “up for whatever,” surprising them the chance to play ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger or life-size Pac-Man. We don’t know much about the Bud Light Party yet, but with Amy and Seth behind it, what could go wrong?

We know Amy’s really more of a red wine kind of girl, but we’re excited to see what the Bud Light Party has in store for us!

(Images via YouTube.)

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