Amy Schumer and Selena Gomez show us how to embrace accidental red carpet #twinning

Last night at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, pretty much all of our favorite high-profile ladies were in the same room, talking about important issues like feminism, gender fluidity, women’s health, peace-making, and diversity – just to name a few. Thankfully, there was no discussion about “Who Wore It Best,” even when Selena Gomez and Amy Schumer realized they were wearing very similar red dresses.

You know the tradition of “Who Wore It Best” – basically, society has been pitting women and their appearances against each other for centuries like some kind of sport. Selena and Amy could have easily fallen into that tired old rut, and avoided each other on the red carpet out of fear of comparison.

Instead, the pair totally embraced their almost matching outfits. According to The Daily Mailthe comedienne and singer/actress burst into laughter when they saw that their dresses were similar colors/cuts/lengths. They hugged it out and smiled for the cameras, which led to these ridiculously adorable photos, #twinning

Clearly, they both wore it best!

Selena and Amy already have a history of publically supporting each other and being awesome examples of lady power. Less than two weeks ago, Selena gushed about how much she loves Amy when presenting her with an award for comedy at the Hollywood Film Awards.

“I am a huge, huge fan of Amy Schumer,” Selena said at the podium, completely forgoing her lines on the teleprompter. “I talk about her obsessively. I’ve tweeted her often … Amy, you’ve inspired me to not take myself too seriously when I’ve sat on my couch endlessly, kind of, depressed about certain things, you’ve constantly made me feel like I’m a badass, even though most of the time I’m not. You say the things I wish I could say … Let me make it clear that clearly I’m a huge fan.”

Shipping Selena and Amy so hard right now. Friendship is definitely a good look for them. Hopefully they hang out on red carpets at all award shows in the future, so I can mentally (and OK, sometimes physically) photoshop myself into their friend group.

What? This red dress I’m wearing? No, I didn’t put it on so I could pretend I also wore a red dress to the Glamour Women of the Year event … I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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