Amy Schumer once rocked a onesie with her face on it, and Happy Friday!

It’s been a pretty crazy week, hasn’t it? And we think we could all use this dose of onesie-related humor from our favorite funny Instagram-poster, Amy Schumer.

Yes, we loved her playful pics with Hillary Clinton and her powerful throwback photo and beautiful message about fighting for women’s rights, but today’s throwback pic is literally all about the funny.

She’s remembering the time she hung out with Hannibal Buress on tour, and they both wore unique outfits. Special, you might say.

#TBT with @hannibalburess missing this tour making me smile."

Ummmmm these are amazing, and the glaringly obvious question is: Where can we get a onesie with our faces on it too?!?! Or, we’d settle for one with Schumer’s face, because come on, who wouldn’t want to wear the funniest woman on the planet?

And on a serious note, it’s great to see Schumer maintaining her sense of humor throughout this strange week. Suffice it to say, we needed this.

Love this lady!

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