Can’t stop looking at Amy Schumer’s retro bathing suit and hair in this throwback Father’s Day pic

While we had no doubt that Amy Schumer has absolutely rocked at life, her Father’s Day Instagram post gave us even more confirmation that this girl has been basically the coolest since birth. Or at least for a really long time based on the sweetness of the retro swim fashion she was sporting back in the day.

Let’s start with the fact that this awesome one-piece (which many of us remember having something exactly like), has the long-lost (and should totally make a comeback) front sport zipper. That zipper not only kept everything in securely so you could participate in any water activity you wanted, but it also looked totally stylish and cool. The geometric tri-tone pattern screams late ’90s when everything that was awesome (like Amy) came packaged in funky-shaped colors. And the grainy picture is clearly as a result of the days of hold and shoot disposable camera lenses, not a fancy filter.

Aside from the fun throwback feeling, there’s so much sweetness that oozes from every ounce of this post. The genuine smile on her father’s faces as he holds her proudly like he already knew she was a superstar is heart-melting. And Amy’s own smile (which is still so perfectly Amy) shows that she was happy to be the daughter of this smiling guy as well.

The more you look at the picture, the more it’s obvious that Amy had an amazing father in her life growing up who clearly helped contribute to the confidence that has catapulted her to becoming comedy royalty. That and, of course, that retro one-pieces are way overdue for a comeback.

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