Amy Schumer performing stand up while hiking is the absolute best

Amy Schumer’s ability to laugh at herself is part of what makes her hilarious. Seriously, whether she’s mocking her own lack of athletic prowess, promoting body positivity, or discussing her writing process, Amy Schumer is not afraid to put herself on blast. And her latest Instagram is no different.

“Performing” stand-up at Red Rocks:

We wonder how many of these folks will look back and realize that was the great comedienne Amy Schumer shouting at them? Probably not enough. We wish we had been there to cheer her on!

Indeed, Amy has clearly been enjoying her time in Colorado:

The view is gorgeous, we agree.

Speaking of views, Amy Schumer just bought herself a fabulous one in New York. As reported by  The New York Post, Amy Schumer just bought herself a $12.1 million dollar penthouse in New York’s trendy Upper West Side. Congratulations, Amy!

Although we do not know if her boyfriend Ben Hanisch will join her, the place is definitely big enough for the two of them. It has 5 beds and 5.5 bathrooms, and has been described as “a Malibu beach house mixed with sophisticated Manhattan architecture.”

Sounds fabulous.

Despite Amy’s newfound wealth, she tries to not let it get to her head. As she writes in her book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo:

“I try to remember where I came from. I remember when I went to a Penny Arcade coin counting machine at TD Bank so I could take my boyfriend out to dinner at TGI Fridays for his birthday."

Well that’s a pretty big change. One thing we know about Amy, though: she’ll probably spend some time shouting hilarious things out the windows of her penthouse.

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